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Monique Lewis is a Stylist and Designer. She first discovered a passion for luxury fashion at the young age of 12 where she would often sketch wedding dresses in her sketch book at school. Purchasing her first little Gucci bag at just 14 years old from Harrods with her birthday money (despite mums protests).


Monique's experience over the years expands across styling, where she built a strong portfolio with her own investment, and went on to support Stylists as an assistant, styling the of the likes of Tinie Tempah, and Kelly Rowland, for whom she sourced a Hermes bag and accessories for a magazine shoot in 2010. She also had the pleasure of working as Stylist on set with world famous Jake Nava (Director of Beyonce's single ladies) for a Clover Butter Campaign which was rolled out across the UK.

Monique enjoys dressing up and enjoying life! She has also worked in retail across 15 years, including being hired to work in the team for the launching of Selfridges new shoe halls, which were said to be one of the largest in the world at the time. She has gathered a plethora of experience over the years and has a wonderful top down view of global industries. Often predicting when a new luxury brand will hit stores or become the new it bag. Monique has seen many trends come and go within the luxury and fashion retail industry. From the Liberty London shop floor she worked her way into the Private Shopping Suite before venturing off on her own (adding a brief stint back at Gucci again).

Aside from this Monique also has a great passion for dance, music and the arts. And has major plans to unite industries globally and inspire youth and adults alike with some of her creative ideas.

We hope you enjoy what Monique has to offer either yourself, your company and ultimately the world.




Monique has been an avid shopper since her late teens. She has seen many trends both socially and within retail design and business come and go over the past 15 years. She has always had a good eye for up and coming luxury brands and loves observing the shifts of trends within the fashion industry. 

This means she now has the ability to guide and support some of the world's largest stores and brands towards heightened success and innovative expansion. Monique can also support with design direction both for products, and if the project is right, in store design and customer service systems. She was never quite a follower of trends, staying true to herself she became someone who set trends within style within her local community and environments. Monique had strong solutions for some of the recent publicly administrated retail companies and still does. 

She also sets trends within social structures and inspires direction within social platforms, she is often what you would call 'first' to do something in the way she does within her generation. However she stays true to her way of doing things which sometimes forfeits her own mass appeal by not conforming to mass structures and trends. Monique has a 2:1 BA (HONS) Degree in Business and Fashion Marketing and studied luxury fashion shows every season back to back for years. By her twenties she had a pile of ELLE and VOGUE magazines stacked above her waist. Her creativity expands into music, short film and of course, campaigns. 



Monique has designed a luxury collection to be launched someday. The only thing missing is the funding to produce the collection and show.

The collection features both Menswear and Womenswear at a very high level. It features pieces Monique would love to wear across a multitude of occasions. It also included pieces for men aimed to compliment their physique's and add beauty to the male expression.

The collection features bold colours, luxurious fabrics and beautifully cut silhouettes. 

Once produced, Monique would like to show the collection in London, so far she has her eye on a venue at Kew Gardens for the show. 

Alongside the reason for designing the collection being creative expression and clothing to wear, Monique wanted to create fresh inspiration for the arts and youth. As well as creating new intern and job opportunities when executing the show and aiming to generate long term revenue for the UK and Retail industry. 

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